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Most Popular Biodegradable Concentrated Gopher Repellent

• Safe when used around children and pets

• Environmentally safe

• Over 100,000 satisfied customers                    

• 30 day guarantee

• Certified effective by an independent testing agency

• All natural organic ingredients

• Each bottle contains four burrow treatments

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$8.95 for 16 ounce bottle

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GopherOut is an organic commercial product made from pine and citrus oils that eliminate gophers, moles, and voles from anywhere it's applied. GopherOut is an entirely new product that is more effective and lasts longer. It was originally designed for large farms, cemeteries, and golf courses but has now been made available for gardeners and small farms. It works by repelling the animals not by destroying them. GopherOut is biodegradable and made from all natural products and unlike other products, penetrates the entire burrow. Gophers simply leave the area and go elsewhere. Application is simple and can last for years depending on the amount of rainfall in your area. Read some of our customer testimonials to see how effective it can be.