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You say your ingredients are safe. What are they?
We use only natural ingredients that are recognized as being safe by the Federal Government. They are listed on our label and are Pure Pine Oil, Distilled Water, and Ethereal Citrus Oil. We have determined the exact combination and method of blending to ensure an effective product that is safe for humans, animals, and plants.

What time of year should I use GopherOut?
Gophers are much more evident in the Spring and through the Summer months and those are the prime times to apply GopherOut. BUT, even applying during the Fall and Winter months will create a long lasting deterrant that will help keep them from digging when they do come nosing around.

What should I do if I can find mounds of dirt, but no holes?
The hole is under the dirt, so start by removing the mound with a shovel and poking around until you find the hole or tunnel. Then, use the instructions we provide in our “How To Use” web page get rid of the gophers.

We have two dogs that live in the house, but go out in the backyard through the day. Our yard seems to be full of gophers (or moles, we don't know the difference). What can we do without poisoning our dogs?
Gophers make crescent holes and moles create round molehills. Moles eat insects and grubs, while gophers eat plant roots. Also, moles are loners while gophers are very sociable. Either way you can use GopherOut repellant. It is not a poison and will NOY harm your dogs or any other animals. Simply follow the simple directions on our web page How To Use.

I put the water hose in the gopher hole and put in about 10 gallons of water, but I could not see water coming out from anywhere else in the yard. Where is it going?
It is just flowing through the tunnel, but it carries the GopherOut with it and makes the entire area very uncomfortable for the gopher.

I don't have plants in my yard; however, there are gopher mounds everywhere. What are they after in this case?
Most likely you have grubs in your soil, which is a food source for gophers. Fruit trees can also be an attractant. Using GopherOut will rid you of the gophers, but it will also help to keep the grubs at bay.

Are there any particular plants gophers do not like to eat?
All parts of daffodils (flowers, leaves, bulbs) are poisonous to gophers - as well as to people and dogs. Gophers won’t eat daffodils.

How do I get rid of gophers in my yard if they don't make holes, but leave tunnels?
Get a stick and poke around wherever you have the gopher problem, and find a tunnel. You'll know when you find a tunnel because it will be easier to poke your stick into the ground at that spot. Then pour the GopherOut mixture into the hole you created and follow with the 10 gallon water flush. View our "How To Use" web page.

There is an infestation of gophers in my backyard. Since there are only a couple of trees and old thatch grass, I plan to totally remove the grass and till the entire yard. Will this work?

Not necessarily. The gophers don’t always need grass around. They can survive nicely on grubs and insects in the soil. But they still make tunnels and mounds, so they are susceptible to GopherOut control.

How deep do gophers burrow?
Gophers burrow 12-18” deep, depending on the soil type. Tunnels in sandy soil tend to collapse, so they don’t go as deep.

How many gophers can exist in my yard?
In general, an acre of ground can support 25-30 gophers, but you could have as many as 200 in that same area if conditions are perfect.

I've heard that gophers do not have a clotting factor in their blood, so they can be killed by placing a dry thorn branch down their holes. When they are poked by thorns, they bleed to death. True?
Gophers are hemophiliacs, lacking the enzyme that causes blood to clot. Poking them with thorns may cause them to die a slow, painful death. We certainly do not recommend that. Besides, they will simply skirt around the thorns if you place them in a mound. Please consider using GopherOut to just repel them from your property. That’s much more humane.
Frequently Asked Questions
For much more information on the lifestyle, feeding habits, cultures, and a host of other interesting topics about gophers and how to control them please check out our EBook web page.